Monday, May 11, 2015

Vampire Academy by Rechelle Mead

Personally I'm not into vampire novels or science fiction of that kind but gratefully I got out of my comfort  zone and decide to read vampire academy. I normally do a little summary of the book, however this book contains a lot of terms of the "vampire world" that only are understandable while actually reading the book. In simple terms the books is about two girl that run out from an academy where they weren't safe. Rose is the guard and protector of princess Liss, they are best friends, and share a especial bond where rose is able to feel Liss emotions. After being recaptured by the academy both girls try to come back to their routine fighting their own demons. This is book makes the reader be on the edge and anticipation of what will happen next. It engages the reader into the vampire world and make it easier to understand and even though is on rose point of view the reader can easily see Liss point of view due to their especial bond. I really recommended reader this book where it includes action, romance, death, friendship, overcoming your problems and especially it always happens the unimaginable. When you raw this book always remember that the bad guy is the one you lest expect so don't make obvious guesses.

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