Monday, May 11, 2015

The Selection by Kiera Cass

The selection talks about a futuristic world where U.S. Was dissolved and instead a new country named Illea is in place. Illea is governed by a monarchy where a common event is Held where the next king will choose the next queen to rule beside him. The queen is choose among all the girls from the villages from certain age who will compete against each other in the palace full of luxuries to win the kings heart. Despite how romantic this sounds the reality is that America doesn't want to compete and will do anything to be thrown out of the palace at first. However in an unexpected way she reunites with the future king and they  become friends. Through this friendship America would advice the prince about the other girls without hiding interest but provide her family with the royalty benefits of being in the competence. The prince knows that America doesn't want him and he doesn't want her either. He even knows that she's in love with other guy from her village. As expected they would ultimately fall in love but will go thought insecurities, and danger because of a threat to the palace. I fell that almost everyone in a point of their lives had fell or would feel in the future related to this book or the complicity of emotions the protagonists of this story feel realizing their feeling for each other but still neglecting due to confunsion and the power of friendship.

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