Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry (Pushing the limits Series #1)

    Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry crossed my path on a library with the intention not to be barely read through, but to be bought. Pushing the limits tells the story of two teenagers about to graduate from high school whose path are meet by their tragic incidents in life and the help of their social worker in school.
    Echo is a traumatized girl who went from a popular girl to an outsider after her bother death in the navy, which led Echo's mother to attack her due to a mentall illness. Echo doesn't remeber what happened the night of the attack, but has horrible marks around her body that reminds her it happened. She believes that by remembering she would recuperate her sanity, her mother, and would be able to grief her brothers death. Noah in the other hand, was struck by her parents death on a fire separating him from his brothers and leaving him in foster care, Noah battle would be to recuperate his brothers and helping Echo remember what happened the night she was attacked. 
     The book itself was very predictable, and one would imagine that they would fall in love. However, this book doesn't make it simple and it constantly gives the reader hope, but at the next chapter would take it away. In other words, the book is very realistic and very problematic making me, personally, realize that life is full of conflicts and continuos battles. The book covers a variety of issues, ranging from mental illness, death, drug use, scars, repressed memories, divorces, and foster parents. What I like the most about the book is how is was a dual narration and the point of view of both characters was noticed. 
     The end wasn't expected, Noah realize how his brothers were happy with their foster family and he could put provide for them. Event though Echo remeber, she didn't went after her mother and reconcilable with his dad. Echo and Noah did end together but it wasn't a fairy tale kind of ending. Overall, the world behind this book is depressing, negatively realistic, but with the intentions to fight and go forward. 

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  1. On the one hand,you not only have a deep understanding on the book, you but also tell us the plot of this book, through your introduction, I can know you like this book very much.ON the other hand,I hope you can describe the main character's personality, let me know what kind of men are they.I really like books about the reality, so I can't wait to see the book.Thank you for your recommendation, I hope you can recommend more similar books