Thursday, May 28, 2015

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

  This book reached my hands after a recommendation from  a close friend, for which I always be thankful and believe is my duty to recommend it too. 
  In simple terms, this book is the love story between Alex, a tough gang member and Brittany, a rich blood princess type. Two very different people who have a kindred soul and are walking through life wearing an armor for their survival. The story begings when they are partnered for a chemistry project leading them to mingle their problems. From threads of losing their life to maintain a facade for the family's sake they both will find the strength in the other. 
  The book has some parts that were hard to read, but were essential to the story to show the reality surrounding a gang member, otherwise would have lacked authenticity. Despite the fact this book would have your heart in your throat the end gives the reader hope. Personally, is the best ending I have ever read in a book because I realize no everything goes as planned but at still it will fall into place, sooner or later. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes by DeniseGroverSwank

As a new pattern in my life, I decided to keep reading from the app "Whattpad" and found a suspense story.
  Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes is the story of rose and grown woman who haven't enjoy the simple things in life and I would dare to say I haven't live at all, until one day she decides to reveal against her mother. Sadly, that same day her mother is murder and she becomes the first suspect. With a mysterious neighbor, and the many break ins she had suffered Rose gets involved in something bigger than her and decides to live before her death, that's why she decides to make a list of twenty eight wishes and plans to accomplish them before her death, thing is she knows exactly the day of her death.
  I fully recommended this story full of suspense, unexpected events, action, and the importance of little things in life.

You, my Punishment by Mmms29

  I believe that the base of experiencing new things is getting out of our personal comfort zone, that's why I decided to try the app "Whatpadd" and do my review on what I read there and was an fulfilling experience.
 The story is a Islamic story written by a Islamic itself and is about an arranged marriage. I had never read an Islamic story before or was familiarized with their believes however this story opened my eyes to the belief of others and why they do the things they do and act a certain way. For example, I learned that girls hide their hair because that way they feel closer to their God.    
  The story itself makes the reader think about the strength of love and where love can be born in. It makes the reader question the lost of identity and touches topics as violence, religion, self-harm, suicide, and guilt. Personally, I enjoyed the simplicity in which the writer expressed all this topics in about seventy chapter full of advice and life lessons.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Selection by Kiera Cass

The selection talks about a futuristic world where U.S. Was dissolved and instead a new country named Illea is in place. Illea is governed by a monarchy where a common event is Held where the next king will choose the next queen to rule beside him. The queen is choose among all the girls from the villages from certain age who will compete against each other in the palace full of luxuries to win the kings heart. Despite how romantic this sounds the reality is that America doesn't want to compete and will do anything to be thrown out of the palace at first. However in an unexpected way she reunites with the future king and they  become friends. Through this friendship America would advice the prince about the other girls without hiding interest but provide her family with the royalty benefits of being in the competence. The prince knows that America doesn't want him and he doesn't want her either. He even knows that she's in love with other guy from her village. As expected they would ultimately fall in love but will go thought insecurities, and danger because of a threat to the palace. I fell that almost everyone in a point of their lives had fell or would feel in the future related to this book or the complicity of emotions the protagonists of this story feel realizing their feeling for each other but still neglecting due to confunsion and the power of friendship.

Vampire Academy by Rechelle Mead

Personally I'm not into vampire novels or science fiction of that kind but gratefully I got out of my comfort  zone and decide to read vampire academy. I normally do a little summary of the book, however this book contains a lot of terms of the "vampire world" that only are understandable while actually reading the book. In simple terms the books is about two girl that run out from an academy where they weren't safe. Rose is the guard and protector of princess Liss, they are best friends, and share a especial bond where rose is able to feel Liss emotions. After being recaptured by the academy both girls try to come back to their routine fighting their own demons. This is book makes the reader be on the edge and anticipation of what will happen next. It engages the reader into the vampire world and make it easier to understand and even though is on rose point of view the reader can easily see Liss point of view due to their especial bond. I really recommended reader this book where it includes action, romance, death, friendship, overcoming your problems and especially it always happens the unimaginable. When you raw this book always remember that the bad guy is the one you lest expect so don't make obvious guesses.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dare You To by Katie McGarry (Pushing the Limits #2)

   Because I believe on finishing what I started, I read the continuation of "pushing the limits". The second novel of the series by Katie McGarry focuses on Beth, Noah's best friend. 
   On the first book of the series, Beth is portrayed as a stoner, who treats everyone bad, has a harsh relationship to her mother, almost got killed by her mother's boyfriend, and as if she had feelings for Isaiah, Noah's second best friend. However, in "Dare to you" we get to know the real and broken Beth, who would do anything to save her mother from going to jail. Even if that means leaving with her uncle who once abandoned her to become famous and prosperous. There she would meet Ryan Stone the town golden boy, a popular baseball star jock-with secrets he can't tell anyone. He is constantly accepting dares  including asking out the Skater girl who couldn't be less interested in him.  
   Beth and Ryan would come to realize how alike they are in the inside and the secrets of her families would unite them, making them fall in love. This book personally has more emotion and intensity than the first one, breaking the walls of Beth would even frustrate the reader and engage it on the book. The world behind this book is yours to discover how it ends, I really recommend it.

Cover of "Dare You To" by Katie McGarry. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry (Pushing the limits Series #1)

    Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry crossed my path on a library with the intention not to be barely read through, but to be bought. Pushing the limits tells the story of two teenagers about to graduate from high school whose path are meet by their tragic incidents in life and the help of their social worker in school.
    Echo is a traumatized girl who went from a popular girl to an outsider after her bother death in the navy, which led Echo's mother to attack her due to a mentall illness. Echo doesn't remeber what happened the night of the attack, but has horrible marks around her body that reminds her it happened. She believes that by remembering she would recuperate her sanity, her mother, and would be able to grief her brothers death. Noah in the other hand, was struck by her parents death on a fire separating him from his brothers and leaving him in foster care, Noah battle would be to recuperate his brothers and helping Echo remember what happened the night she was attacked. 
     The book itself was very predictable, and one would imagine that they would fall in love. However, this book doesn't make it simple and it constantly gives the reader hope, but at the next chapter would take it away. In other words, the book is very realistic and very problematic making me, personally, realize that life is full of conflicts and continuos battles. The book covers a variety of issues, ranging from mental illness, death, drug use, scars, repressed memories, divorces, and foster parents. What I like the most about the book is how is was a dual narration and the point of view of both characters was noticed. 
     The end wasn't expected, Noah realize how his brothers were happy with their foster family and he could put provide for them. Event though Echo remeber, she didn't went after her mother and reconcilable with his dad. Echo and Noah did end together but it wasn't a fairy tale kind of ending. Overall, the world behind this book is depressing, negatively realistic, but with the intentions to fight and go forward.